Roadmap for Racial Justice


Recommendations and ideas beyond the Charter

Our Vision Beyond the Ballot

The work of uprooting structural racism is not done. If adopted, the Commission’s proposals will put a new vision for the city into motion. However, much more needs to change.

The Commission provides this roadmap to City, state, and federal lawmakers and advocates as a guide for tackling structural racism through policy and legislation. The Commission recommends that City, state and federal lawmakers, and advocates consider further exploring and advancing the ideas below. 

Recommendations from the Commission

The Commission has created a Roadmap for Racial Justice, outlining the Commission’s top recommendations beyond the ballot proposals to continue making our city more just and racially equitable. The Roadmap has a list of recommendations for further exploration that would build upon the work the Commission’s proposals set in motion.

Community Ideas

In addition, the Commission received hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas from community members that deserve consideration as we continue this work.