Roadmap for Racial Justice


Recommendations and ideas beyond the Charter


The work of the Racial Justice Commission builds on a legacy of organizing, advocating, and policymaking for racial justice in New York City and beyond. Since the Commission’s inception, we recognized that we would not be able to undertake a comprehensive reckoning with and repair of the long history of racial injustices in our city. 

While the Commission believes the proposed Charter amendments, if passed by New Yorkers, will cement a foundation for racial equity, there is much more work to be done within government at every level, and in sectors beyond government. This chapter outlines a Roadmap for Racial Justice by situating the Commission’s work in a larger landscape of change, recommending specific ways the Commission’s work can be built upon, and highlighting the ideas and proposals that New Yorkers identified. 

Recommendations from the Commission

There are two significant endeavors in particular that the Commission knew it would not be able to meaningfully take on within the Commission’s short time frame, and recommends be addressed in specific ways: 

Community Ideas

The work of uprooting structural racism is not done. While the Commission’s proposals will put a new vision for the city into motion, much more needs to change. The Commission recommends that the City, state and federal lawmakers, and advocates consider further exploring and advancing the proposals here

Racial Justice ecosystem diagram