New Yorkers are speaking up for racial justice in the City’s laws and calling for changes to the NYC Charter that address the underlying causes of racial inequity. Watch the latest commission meeting and find out what people are saying.

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Community Briefing: NYC for Racial Justice Interim Report

Learn about the first report from Racial Justice Commission staff, including the six patterns of inequity, criteria for structural change, and your power in the Charter revision process. This is a great opportunity for New Yorkers and community-based organizations to understand NYC for Racial Justice: An Interim Report from Racial Justice Commission Staff. Register online […]
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Why the Charter?

The NYC Charter is the City’s constitution. It defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the city government, from elected officials to budgets for housing and education. Learn more about the Charter to discover how the City is governed, and how it impacts you.

What We Heard

The Racial Justice Commission has gathered information from public input sessions. Their early findings define initial areas of focus for NYC Charter revisions.


Read the Interim Report

NYC for Racial Justice: An Interim Report from the Racial Justice Commission Staff